Matthew Simon Schwamberger of Elgin, Illinois

Matthew Simon Schwamberger of Elgin, Illinois

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Matthew Simon Schwamberger. Beware. He is a Grindr troll who, mistakenly, uses his own photos to troll people. He is completely nuts (honestly, he is most likely a diagnosable psychopath). He added me on Facebook (his name on there is Matthew Simon) by searching for my number. Do NOT talk to this man under any circumstances. He will manipulate you by using your own words to make it seem like he has the same interests, values, and goals as you and then, out of the blue, he will block your number and your Facebook profile, making it seem like you did something wrong. After talking to him on the phone, he just seems like a really charmingly nice guy, but that is how you know he’s a psychopath as they use manipulation and seem charming to other people but lack empathy. He works as a Pandora specialist at Jared in Algonquin, IL, which is in the Algonquin Commons, and can frequently be seen eating at Houlihan’s across from the store.

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  1. YESSSFebruary 22, 2018 at 3:14 PM

    Literally, this is exactly what he does, I can’t believe I came on this site for the first time in years and saw this. He has keep blocking and unblocking me for years. We hung out once and he was just crazy

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