Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michael Clayton‘s is a Level 3 Registered Predatory Offender and constantly violating community standards by submitting forged documented erroneous  government issued photo identification to retain using his fraudulent Facebook account. He goes by another fake name ‘Michael Macabre. Using pictures that don’t belong to him. He styles himself as a goth under some French Canadian goths pictures ‘Tristan Leblanc’.

— OP all of this coming from a wannabe detective. 


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  1. Aaliyah LynnMay 29, 2018 at 6:34 AM

    This doesn’t surprise me at all lot of people have the impression that he was fake a couple years ago! So why bothering now blasting him on thedirty? His before and after pictures don’t look nothing like the before pictures from MySpace and DeviantArt hello those are differently two different people
    His current pictures looks old enough to be someone’s father, grays going on there for being 24 yrs old plus he never goes live on Facebook duh! He’s fake.

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