Doctors Orders — Taryn Weiner

Doctors Orders — Taryn Weiner

THE DIRTY ARMY: Boy… I guess some winners can only be found if you shoot heroin and need to “get clean.” Speaking of clean, meet Taryn Weiner, or can be reached at “Taryn Johanna” on Facebook. I fell in love with this innocent unicorn off of Tinder and maybe they should put some more warnings on that Godsend of a site. Went on one date in which she wore jailhouse scrubs and smelled like pungent cabbage and bologna. Talked about for hours on how people with drug addictions need help. I thought I could switch topics and talk about the friend in her Tinder profile picture; names Erica, a social worker, who after meeting have dubbed “Scarica” for her rancid breath that smells like cavities and McDonald’s coffee. Both these 2 innocent unicorns need to be flagged for excessive-compulsive-prey-on-the-meek disorder, and get real jobs that go beyond looking at a drug addicts dysentery issues, or pushing out domestic violence protocols. As for me, pretty sure they have turned me gay. Gonna be a hard road ahead, with all deliveries taken in the rear… Could be worse, I could be stuck with a pompous b*tch with a stigma that has a “sh*t don’t stink” philosophy

–OP Tinder is for random sex with slores. Not life changing conversation. But lesson learned.

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  1. ThegompsJanuary 14, 2019 at 1:27 PM

    From the little I can see elsewhere her tits are exquisite.

  2. ChifinnestJune 4, 2018 at 6:32 PM

    Looking for a companion

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