Jeffrey Baird — The Ugly Truth Cincinnati/NKy

Jeffrey Baird — The Ugly Truth Cincinnati/NKy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jeffrey Baird NIK is a classic narcissist who also shows signs of Sociopathy , he is incapable of any true empathy. Jeffrey commands a high school education and is a truck driver as a profession. He is also a poser who will have a high end vehicle such as a Mercedes Benz from swap a lease, but cannot afford it. This is to win over any potential mate as he has a reputation to only be willing to date women with money. Once he wins you over, the dinners out will stop and he will find ways to convince you to help him financially. Incapable of a true loving relationship, he will use you and blame his inability for true intimacy on his alcoholic father’s upbringing. Jeffrey has zero savings, stocks or bonds and a $200.00 UPS pension only. His home in Edgewood has a $120,000.00 dollar lien on it. Once in a relationship he will ignore you or your needs. He has multiple burner phones to contact various women and will cheat on you no matter how good you are to him. He is misanthropic disliking people and will not want to socialize with you, your family or friends. Beware of this charmer, he will have you asking what did I get myself into.

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  1. SawittoolateJune 29, 2019 at 4:08 PM

    Wow. This is spot on. Wish I had found it sooner