Megan Crawford, Chucky of Lexington

Megan Crawford, Chucky of Lexington

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Megan Crawford, aka Chucky or Horse. She harassed me and my friend; she sent nasty text messages to my friend nonstop and wrote all kinds of other ugly comments on my friend’s Instagram pics. She also wrote all kinds of ugly things to me. She is very jealous. She once admitted she was jealous of the friendship between me and my friend, lmao.

She’s very racist and likes to harass younger girls such as myself and my friend. Her younger sister is as much as a gross b*tch as her. Megan brings her sister to harass others as well. My friend was also targeted by her sister. The younger sister once made a hate account on Instagram for my friend. Megan also dated this guy who is a pedophile and also likes to harass younger girls-what’s funny is that this guy is ALSO a piece of sh*t like Megan and he harassed me and my friend too, but that’s a story for another day.

Megan also saved photos of my family and my friend’s family and threatened to post them on pornography sites. She is so vain, she thinks she’s so good looking and hot sh*t when she looks like Chucky the Doll and has horse teeth and probably smells like tuna and she’s got a sh*t attitude to go with those shit looks. No wonder her eyebrows ran off to pursue a better life.

I’m not adding a Lexington, KY. I refuse to let this place turn into a Walmart.- nik

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