Mindy Murray — Tri State Toxic

Mindy Murray — Tri State Toxic

THE DIRTY ARMY: Northern KY’s top narcissistic dope fiend and slore who uses people for her own pleasure and then spits them out when she is done using them. A well known liar and cheater who cheated on a boyfriend that she was in a 2 year relationship with so she can be a lesbian with dope fiends. Has been arrested countless times to where she doesn’t give a damn about herself or her child like she says she does, instead chasing drugs, floozying, and crimes. She always claims to be the victim when the reality is she is the guilty person that shows no remorse or accountability. She will claim you to be the best friend she ever had, only to stab you in the back when the time is right for her to do so. She needs to be taken down and put away for good.


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  1. Emily FlinkerNovember 25, 2018 at 9:26 AM

    mindy murray is simply a narcissist person probably mentally ill also. common theme among these people seems to be drugs, manipulation and inflicting pain and heartache on anyone they come in contact with: hopefully she will stick with her own kind and won’t have the chance to hurt another person beyond repair. she is truly is a walking disgrace who displays acts of cowardice and has all her life.