Passing One Cincinnati Sized Stinker Flinker

Passing One Cincinnati Sized Stinker Flinker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA Strong!! I decided to kill six heads with one stone on this because this HAS to be done. Cincinnati’s no. 1 stinker is back at it again at the extremist levels, Emily Flinker. Heroin loving, DRD passing narcissist has become so afraid, paranoid, and cowardly that she resorts to a fake name of “Chrissy Jamison” on social media due to the fact she has no guts and is way too scared to reveal her true identity. Largely because of her outstanding warrants, having been arrested 7 times in 13 months, and the fact she has hurt and robbed people left and right. She is without a legitimate persona due to her love for heroin and crack.

But let’s ratch this up to about 20 levels now, since this dead horse has been beaten one too many times. Nik, she has chosen to look up to four complete trash bags that need to be put away for good along with her.

First, in the upper right next to her is a character called “Ed Combs” on social media, whom Emily met through an adult escort site. This Arabian looking trash illegal foreigner pays her for sex because he can’t get a real gf to save his sorry self and is a heroin lover of the highest levels himself, and becoming Emily’s sugar daddy in the process, while blatantly lying himself to everyone about Emily getting help as a way to protect her. But the flip is he uses her to make himself a model saint, something he isn’t.

But now let’s go up a few more levels. Emily and “Ed” hide behind three high level traffickers in the city to get their heroin love filled up. These three are (from left to right) William “Trailer Trash,” Robert Hobbs, Antuann “Coon” Watkins, and Jordan “Douchebag” Bibee, three of Emily’s top role models because they are proud felons and they can fill her heroin love on a frequent basis. She loves the fact they have a combined 20 felons between the three of them, with charges including drug possession/trafficking, indentity theft, obstruction of justice, possessing a weapon with diability, pobation violations, etc. The best part is they’re such tough guys they hide behind her as well, largely because they have outstanding warrants and have people that they did dirty on purpose. We’re talking three guys well over 6′ 1″ in height and over 200+ lbs each. And they use “Ed Combs” as the centerpiece because he is Emily’s squeaky clean sugar daddy.

Hobbs, Watkins, and Bibee profit off her every which way, and it’s something Emily enjoys more than anything else because she gets to make love to the heroin and crack she loves so much. It’s become a game of Russian Roulette with them, and as a result they are passing around one Country Sized Stinker named Emily Flinker for their own financial sake, and it has the made this entire country stink as a result. These five need to be put away once and for all. Find them, whoop them, and don’t enable them with any financial compensation. They have warrants, they can’t do anything, even if they were tough enough. DA Strong as always!

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  1. The grand PJune 18, 2018 at 11:07 AM

    How much does she go for now? Lol. Oh my word

    • BettyboopisahoeJune 20, 2018 at 6:18 AM

      I’m gonna estimate her going rate & I’m being to generous with this…. Half pack of Paul mall Menthols & 2 Tylenol 3’s
      No more no less

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