This is a new generation?

This is a new generation?

SUBMITTED: Wow? Read much ado about Kristen. Guess the word empathy is not in our newer generation of Millennials. To be clear- Are you able to understand the scope of your tongue lashing and how each of you would feel if the whole world had no filter on terrorizing you with your mouths? Of course that does not matter because your generation clearly does not think. Google the comments about Millennials and read what the world thinks of YOU!

This type of bashing gossip just reinforces how weak and irresponsible our babies are. Clearly hard work is not in your vocabulary cause if any of you adult- wanna be kids would see what the future holds for you- you would be focusing on important things like spending more time studying for college or working to save money. Keep your standards at a disposable level and the trash keeps adding up.

But Thanks for rolemodeling the best behavior for those generations to come and when your children fall victim to comments like this- Good luck with how it will tear you up inside! Karma is the game and that game only ends when you die!

You have mental problems and need therapy. Stop blaming others and look at yourself.- nik

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