Davonna Toth — Narcissistic Pitty party bartender.

Davonna Toth — Narcissistic Pitty party bartender.

THE DIRTY ARMY: This disrespectful liar that plays a great pitty party of a single mom trying to make it in life will make you fall hard while she’s still talking to a few of her exes. She will lie and manipulate you with ideas of a future together while using her son as a tool. As soon as you call her out on anything she will turn it around and make you feel bad so she can play victim. She’s a second generation liar, user and manipulator, a younger version of her mother as her father put it. Yes, her own father will warn you not to get attached because your just a part of a rotation of guys.


To add to it she has had her son attached to 3 different guys and torn away from them at the age of 3. She takes good guys and turns them into a depressed suicidal mess with her mind games while she leads on her next victim. Two of her exes have tried to commit suicide from her games including her babydaddy. She will pull you in so you put a roof over her head, a car to drive, food on the table and presents under the tree for her son. She will never apologize because she truly believes she does nothing wrong. Even when she’s caught naked in bed with another guy and your working overtime to take care of her and her son. She will drive you into the ground and you won’t even see it coming. Not just a bad experience with me but it’s the same story with her and her exes.


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