Toledos Skank Of The Year Award Goes To — Nikki Daunhauer

Toledos Skank Of The Year Award Goes To — Nikki Daunhauer

THE DRITY ARMY: Hey Nik, This one is golden…. as in golden shower it gets daily from its cats. Warning do not breath through your nose while looking at this pic because i am sure its natural stench will shine come through in this photo. This Nikki Daunhauer skank recently gets bored at home after its boyfriend left it and then decides its going to send naked pictures to other taken men. Not just one mind you, a few. As you can tell by the photo that it resembles a young boy herself and it did not get to far before people caught on. You can tell by the photo that this one stinks like cat piss, marlboros, and regret. Well this skank gets left by its boyfriend and then tries to play the I’m going to kill myself over you game. Just pure trash. Wish it would become a productive member of society instead of laid up in its parent house as an adult, sleeping in animal feces and trash and then sending nudes to people over the phone that you can literally smell the stench. lol Thanks for getting the word out.

–Was this award given through a town wide vote?

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  1. BahahaApril 29, 2018 at 8:17 PM

    Sounds like she sent nudes to your man…be mad at him.