Tracy Martin – Basic B*tch & Bad Boss

Tracy Martin – Basic B*tch & Bad Boss

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Meet Tracy and Steve Martin, owners of Diversified Association Management of Colorado Springs. It’s past time that Tracy is called out for who she really is – a very bad boss. Tracy is so insecure and jealous of her female coworkers that she actually runs off every competent and really good female employee because she thinks they want to sleep with her husband, Steve. It’s very unfortunate because Steve is a great Boss, a mentor and all around good guy but he’s more of a father figure type to the ladies in the office. I can see where Tracy is insecure- she’s very basic, short, stocky and has the personality of a door knob. She talks trash about every employee that works for her and if she doesn’t like you, then will find a reason to fire you or make it so awkward that employees just quit.


DAM will be much better off if Tracy would step away from the company as nobody likes working with her. Tracy is the most extreme narcissist I’ve ever known. For example it’s standard procedure for employees to receive a card signed by the entire office on their Birthday. Very nice gesture- However, on Tracy’s birthday, it’s a full blown party with hats, streamers, noise makers and alcohol. The best part is Tracy brings all the party stuff herself! News flash Tracy, nobody at the office wants to celebrate your birthday so please stop forcing your employees to participate. Maybe you were deprived of birthday parties growing up but I promise no one wants to spend the day celebrating YOU at work. If they did then your employees would bring the party supplies! Think about it and Save it for your family. Tracy is so incredibly tacky. Tracy has zero empathy or communication skills. She thinks everyone is beneath her and has an extremely arrogant attitude. She even talks horribly about her Board Members. Bottom line Tracy is this: everyone loves Steve but not in the way you suspect. Be grateful that you have a husband who obviously loves you because you don’t seem like an easy person to love. I hope you see this and take it to heart. You’re a middle aged, chubby little woman and on your very best day, completely average. Maybe try harder to not come off as a total bit*ch. It could lead to a more productive and happier work environment instead of everyone walking in egg shells as not to piss you off.

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  1. Terra BasicOctober 14, 2018 at 12:27 PM

    This was most likely posted by the disgruntled ex employee of the company named Terra Cobb. Terra loves to make up stuff about people she doesn’t like or feels have :wronged her” on the She isn’t allowed to have social media accounts because that his how her and her husband, Brian, have began affairs and cheating on each other in the past. Poor Tracy has had some really shi*ty employees.

  2. BadBossJuly 23, 2018 at 6:04 AM

    This is so true. Tracy is an old, frumpy, ratchet woman. Get over yourself Trac!