West Side Coke Floozy – Would You?

West Side Coke Floozy – Would You?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Alexis, a pathetic side chick to a well known drug dealer on the West side of Columbus that will do ANYTHING & EVERYONE for a bump, line, or gram. When she isn’t kicked out of the side floozy house provided by the dope boy, she’s couch surfing and homeless, texting other drug dealers or men she knows offering to trick herself out to them for $150.00 – $300.00 for the sole purpose of buying powder.

The walking semen depository, known as Alexis, has stolen from and robbed EVERY SINGLE person she’s managed to weasel or sleep her way into their lives and home. As for men, it doesn’t matter if they’re attached or married, dating her friend, or even your friend. She will constantly call, text, and embed herself into their life by any means necessary if she thinks there’s the slightest possibility she can get either money or dope from them. The stealing & whor*ng combined, causes her to get beat up weekly and that’s no exaggeration… She’s become so used to getting her ass beat that she’s practically accepted it as something she deserves for being the loose thief she is all in the name of Pepsi.

At any given time and place, she’s surrounded by no less than 3 different men she has slept with. Also sleeping with the brothers, cousins, and friends of her drug dealing “boyfriend.” This strung out, thieving, equivalent to a P4P thinks because she’s dating a drug dealer, that she is the most envied “woman” on the West side (which, if you’re at all familiar with this side of town, then you’ll know the kind of individuals that reside there and the available amount on an EBT card is basically the only thing that can stir up jealousy). She thinks all women want to be her and all men desire her … The only reason men, and not the kind of men you’d want anything to do with, give her the time of day is because they know she’ll put out for even the smallest line of Pepsi. She’s disgusting and cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, she’ll never join reality with the rest of us for her to see how truly sad, embarrassing, nasty, worthless and foul she really is… So Nik, my question is would you trade blow for a blow from her??


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