Janie Ramirez — Biggest hoe in the city!!

Janie Ramirez — Biggest hoe in the city!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jamie Ramierz from the Los Encinos area! Shes the biggest hoe in Corpus. She dont give a fuk who you are if you got a d1ck she will suck it. That’s probably how she caught DRDs! Yes I said DRDs, and she still sleeps around with everybody and doesnt even tell the guys she fuks that shes infected fuking nasty ass hoe. You can find her out at the bars. Buy her a couple of rounds and it’s a for sure fuk. Oh but she claims to be the best mommy ever I feel bad for her baby daddy. She fuks all of her friends dudes and they dont even know it smdh. She needs to be blasted like all of the other corpus hoes!!


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  1. JohnSeptember 12, 2018 at 8:16 PM

    Is this real

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