JoBeth Everett The Delusional Psycho Methhead Conartist

JoBeth Everett The Delusional Psycho Methhead Conartist

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This nasty ass tweaked out slore is almost 50 years old. Washed out and leather faced. She talks very fast, thinks she’s God’s gift to this earth and thinks she’s a saint from the heavens. Always positing on Facebook about her grand babies and her kids and what a great mother and grandmother she is and always praying to god. B*tch I ain’t never seen you anywhere around your kids or grandkids and you better be praying to God that once all these people find out your a habitual liar and con artist they gonna kick your ass and give you what you deserve. She always has the stupidest excuse for shit and tells the most obvious lies that just make you think this b*tch needs f*cking psychiatric help! She’s very delusional from all the meth abuse. She’s always got the worst problem it’s called karma- b*tch get real! She will steal from you and help you look for what is missing. She’s a conniving meth slore. Don’t go near her. She’s trouble and not to mention she’s been in jail several times for her stupid meth induced crimes just look her up! Hope you don’t ever cross this nasty old hag’s path. She thinks she’s so hot and always has an imaginary lover and is so in love. What a joke. Grow up Jobeth! Put the tweaker pipe down. Take care of your kids. Get a reality check and get a real fuking job. Try to do sh*t the legal way and it’s funny how she hasn’t posted a recent picture of herself in over a year that’s bc in person she looks horrible. Looks so skinny she has DRD. She probably does and leather faced like my baseball glove. This bi*ch even fakes medical conditions for donations. She’s such a f*cking phony. Don’t fall for her sh*t just. Exposing the truth

–I hope that hotel washed its walls

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  1. Sgt.DEFENSEJuly 27, 2018 at 2:33 PM

    Wow! What a horrible story you have fabricated Shon! Anyone who knows JoBeth knows damn well that photo of the nude girl with her leg hiked up IS NOT JOBETH! Theres not a single tattoo on the girl in the photo. JoBeth is no where near 50 yrs old & she is ALWAYS with her kids & grandkids there are 100s of photos posted all the time. After 20 something years you would think that you Shon, would finally get over her. But you continue year after year on trying your absolute best to sabatoge her reputation. Ever think maybe you might have a serious obsession issue?

  2. Black PantherJune 19, 2018 at 3:23 AM

    I wanna donate

  3. Captain SaveahoeMay 15, 2018 at 8:43 AM

    I know this girl I even donated when she said she had cancer and her baby daddy beat her up crazy

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