Amanda Islas of Dallas

Amanda Islas of Dallas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I even start!? This girl Amanda Islas has been a mess since the beginning of time. From getting arrested in the high school cafeteria to getting pregnant by her 40 year old Wild Pitch manager (who now owns Tight Ends in Plano). She has a daughter now and is an exceptional mom AT LEAST. But don’t let her “family girl” persona fool you, it doesn’t stop her from sleeping with every manager she’s ever had!! From Bucks to Twin Peaks and where ever else floozies with felonies work these days. Married men are her fortè!

I won’t be surprised if you find her on backpage or if YOUR manager has a new “younger gf” .. it’s probably her :-) Oh and she just got her Boobs done… probably had help from her many sugar daddies. Can’t wait to see what she gets done next!

Why is she aiming so low? This manager fetish needs to elevate to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies… don’t sell yourself short and please LaserAway that Transformer’s logo.- nik

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