DUI Beju – Beju Naomi Pereira

DUI Beju – Beju Naomi Pereira

THE DIRTY ARMY: Currently in Jail. Aggressive towards all women but promotes positivity and feminism on her Instagram. Had a friend post on her Facebook #InternationalWomensDay while she was locked up to look like she wasn’t. Rude AF and thinks she is hot sh*t. Her IG stories consist of drunk kissey faces after another. You know someone’s a train wreck when they’ve been featured on The Dirty more than three times! Gains popularity by luring in fans of whoever she dates-but thinks it’s because of her modeling. She doesn’t talk…she yells. Emotionally and Physically Abusive.


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  1. Foo fiterOctober 23, 2018 at 9:19 PM

    I know the real Beju and these comments are not authentic. She is a normal mid 20s girl with aspirations and some amount of crap from her parents. I lived with her in Napa, for the summer of 2017. Not surprisingly she may be a victim or an assailant of this world, your choice depending on your actions, Nothing rigning in my book about being aggressive. Women could use more of it for their own good. Just remember to obey your man when it counts. I look for great things from Beju. Good comedy comes from problems, stress, or pain during an upbringing, you know , the human condition, for those of you that had to take this elective in College. The best fruit comes from the tree that is stressed and pruned, but that may be too much of a religious reference for those of you not informed.

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