Breona Catherine Frost Johnson — My “Wife” FAKED A ENTIRE PREGNANCY!!!!

Breona Catherine Frost Johnson — My “Wife” FAKED A ENTIRE PREGNANCY!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  THE BABY WAS FAKE FROM DAY 1!!!! I haven’t said anything until now but its time to speak out… I have gone through the most realistic event that seems like a lifetime movie made for tv drama that I JUST CANNOT MAKE UP…. Lets start with the title… My “wife” BREONA CATHERINE FROST JOHNSON faked her entire pregnancy. She didn’t get pregnant and lose it and not tell me… she 100% faked it from day 1 from the pregnancy test on…. There never was a baby at all. The main reason there wasn’t is the she had her tubes tied 14 years ago…. Let that sink in for a minute and we will move on…. She took a “pregnancy test” in front of me to prove she was pregnant…. I now know IT WAS AN OVULATION TEST… I have the photo to prove of the identical test she took and the box it comes from see below…. The sonogram was a fake sono bought from the website see the photos below side by side of her sono with her info and the exact same photo down to the medical details and numbers and exact baby image from the fake baby “prank” site…. And the instructions on how to purchase, personalize and print all for only $16…. You buy it, personalize it with your chosen data included and print off at hm or any Walmart or walgreens… how convenient… she bought and printed fake 3d sonos, sent me recordings of a baby’s heartbeat, she drove to a an obgyn office regularly and checked in on social media to sell the story, she claimed an injury needing bed rest and gained 50 pounds to “appear” to be gaining pregnancy weight, she posted videos wiggling her belly to appear as a baby moving involving her youngest child in the video…. see below, faking a gender reveal email and ceremony at the wedding which by the way… we got married because I told her I wanted to have a family of my own… I wanted kids and a wife and a life together from day 1 if she was not on board we could go our separate ways and she insisted she wanted the same… remember back when I said she had her tubes tied… but I didn’t know it at this time…… and suddenly within a month or so shes pregnant, we got engaged and married before my head could stop spinning…. And of course instantly went on my insurance as my wife to give our baby the best health care available. We actually got married at the court house 2 months before our big ceremony to get her on the insurance sooner so she wouldn’t have any out of pocket anymore for the baby dr visits….. this part will come back later remember this… I worked as much as I could to take care of my bed ridden wife carrying my precious “Myrical” and supported her child as well so I was not able to attend any dr appts but trusted my wife whatever she told me about our baby. We both were so happy and I had no reason to suspect anything and had none of the evidence I do now. She continued this game all through 9 months from January to October and kept it going past her “due date” for two more weeks…. That’s where she went too far…. I do not know what her game plan was but this is how it all ended….. She was set for her induction on October 4th at 5:45am at the same place she had been checking into for her regular appts. She supposedly was back and forth to the dr every few days at the end chkn on the baby’s progress and waiting to go into labor and gushing all over social media for attention. On Wednesday October 3rd she went to a psychiatrist and got prescriptions for anxiety and ADHD come to find out from my insurance claims and then she disappeared for the rest of the night… I was working late and hadn’t heard from her in a while and then got a frantic message from her friend AMANDA THOMAS wondering if I had heard from her and she was supposedly in an ambulance being rushed to the hospital. The story goes she started hemorrhaging so bad and passed out and wrecked her car and the ambulance came and took her away from the scene. According to her forged paperwork and what she claims she was taken to Parkland Hospital as Jane Doe with no ID on her but was awake enough to text Amanda and tell her what was going on and was active on facebook checking posts but for some reason did not and could not call HER HUSBAND THE FATHER OF THE BABY when she was in medical distress ten months pregnant. And apparently not able to give her own name as to not be Jane doe. Many hours later i get another message from Amanda telling me she found Breona at Parkland hospital and Breona said not to come up there cause “visiting hours are over” and a message from Amanda is how I found out my first child was gone. Not my wife… not a doctor… not even a phone call…. a facebook message…. from Amanda…. She slid into my DM’s to tell me my baby was gone…. Can it get any lower than that…. Whats going through my head at this time u ask??? Amanda was with her this entire time during the most tragic, desperate, earth shattering moment of my life and my wifes as well im at home freaking out with no answers being kept from my wife and Amanda is with her until she comes home supposedly from the hospital 6 excruciating hours later. In realty Bre was hiding from me and I feel like she was giving Amanda instructions. She finally tells me to my face the baby was gone and was left at the hospital for an autopsy and would be creamated and ready to pick up in a week and that was that. That was the end of her story…… wait what???? Ummmmmm I have a few questions…. Lets start with how do you have a wreck, a still born baby, and get released from the hospital within a 6 hour time block and drive yourself home…. Wait and how did you get your WRECKED car home that appears to have zero signs of an accident and no blood anywhere from the massive hemorrhaging that caused the whole accident. And how did you get from the hospital to the wrecked car to drive yourself home… Apparently Jess and Walter were able to find her car in dallas somewhere she did not know where she got in the accident cause she blacked out remember but they magically found her car in allllllllllllll of the big D and brought it to her and she drove herself home… She brought home HIPPA release forms that she forged my name on for some reason from parkland… she said she was at Parkland… She said the baby was at Parkland… Amanda said she found her at Parkland and stayed with her the entire time… even after I called Parkland myself who had no record of her… I asked Amanda how she was able to find her at Parkland… Amanda said she was listed as Jane Doe with no ID on her and “she looked on the internet and it said they take you to Parkland if you are a Jane Doe so something in her gut told her to go there and she found her”…. How did you know she was a jane doe before you found her????? Amanda even went as far as to send me a picture of what was supposedly my still born child…. It was not… we will come back to that too. Anyone else feel like Amanda was involved in all this???? But wait there’s more… When she came home she brought Amanda with her. My mother and I were in shock and angry and devastated especially with the half ass absolutely unbelievable story she was spinning. We called her out on it. We called the cops and she grabbed her purse ran out the door literally bolted, jumped in her car and drove through the neighbor’s yard over a 4 ft retaining wall launching her car hitting the ground and blew out a tire like she was Bo and Luke Duke…. And she kept goin flat tire and all… she even left her son and didnt come back for him for two days…. But she damn sure was in a bar drinking up shots and toasting with her brother Justin Frost and Michaela Michaels that very same night and the next night as well… posting pictures all over social media with the caption “Finally” see below… All this after having just delivered a still born baby and a bad car wreck and hemorrhaging and knocking herself out…. When the cops arrived we were filling a missing child report we believed she had done something with the baby… we didn’t know at this time there never was one at all….. the police did a thorough investigation and found that to be the truth… she was never pregnant and faked the entire thing. The obgyn she chked into 25 or more times in 9 months had no record of her ever being a patient….. The hospital she was set to deliver at doesn’t even deliver babies in that hospital at all ever… Parkland had no record of her checking in or being released or brought in by ambulance…. No record of Breona Catherine Frost Johnson or Jane Doe or Baby Jane Doe being still born or otherwise. The coroner’s office has no record of a baby Jane Doe or any baby still born that day and for that matter NOT ANY DAY THE ENTIRE YEAR OF 2018…. NOT ANY STILL BORN BABYS BORN IN 276 DAYS OF 2018. But the final for sure evidence was the insurance company…. Remember we got married two months earlier than planned right after we found out she was pregnant so she could get medical care? She never… not once…. Not ever went to one single dr visit sono hospital child birth related anything. There were zero claims on my insurance for anything maternity related in all of 2018 There were 6 for the dentist there was one in September for a UTI there was the one for the shrink the day it all happened for the pills there were pharmacy claims for the drugs related to both but nothing related to a baby in any way shape or form. She rushed me to marry her for medical insurance and then didn’t use it? Not the 25 times she chkd in on facebook at the obgyn? Not the two sonos she had? Not the emergency room visits from when she was bed ridden? Nothing from Parkland when our child was still born and she was rushed there by ambulance which was also not on there……. The papers she brought home from Parkland were fake, the still born photo Amanda Thomas sent me was in google images on a post from someone else from 2011 see the link below and scroll down to 41 weeks {redacted}and this MONSTER sent it to me as my still born baby and said it looked just like me. Bre even sent this disgusting stolen image of someone elses poor baby to her own son for sympathy and to backup her lie. I have found the exact photo of the sono she faked and where she bought it. I have the exact ovulation test she passed off as a pregnancy test. Her nephew called her out and said she was looking on amazon at fake pregnancy bellies that move. I have the police investigation records proving she was a fraud and no baby existed based on the testimony from the hospital and the coroner and the obgyn. And by the way when I confronted her with the findings she said she must have been confused on where she was because of the head trauma and it wasn’t Parkland…. Then why the release papers from Parkland if that’s not where you were???? Why the messages from Amanda saying she is standing next to you in Parkland during all this????? Was she confused about where u were too????? You cant crawfish now and say you weren’t there when you went as far as to print out fake release forms from that hospital and instructed Amanda to tell me she was standing next to you in Parkland for 6 hours ur admitting it was all a lie when u printed the forms if u say u don’t know where u were. I have more than enough evidence and proof and the smoking gun to tell me for sure Breona never was pregnant at all and conned me into marrying her, conned many family members and friends out of thousands of dollars worth of baby clothes and furniture and toys and an entire nursery of baby items, she opened credit cards in my name and didn’t tell me about it and they are all over the limit and unpaid, she didn’t pay any of our bills out of my paycheck for three months and everything is past due and shut off and in threat of repo or foreclosure, she stole credit cards from her friends and family, she opened credit cards in her mother and best friends names, she blew every penny I made and ive lost everything and have nothing to show for it and have to basically start the life I have spent the last decade building all over again. This is proof enough for any reasonable person to know what really happened but I know some people close to her will still believe her. But I want my story out there so no one else gets conned by this sociopath and if just one person reads this and is protected from her then this was worth it to put out there and tell the world my business. I’ve made this post public. Please share this to your page if you want to if you feel like you may know someone who knows her and could be victimized by her.

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  1. AshFebruary 23, 2019 at 8:57 PM

    Wow! Just wow, really have to words!

  2. MikieSnaxxFebruary 21, 2019 at 5:21 PM

    OMG! You will survive this injustice. She sounds like a borderline personality. I married a dangerous narcissist who was a bigamist whom I beleive planned for me to die in a housefire!! His bf staged a break-in within a month of our wedding…which gave him reason to board up the windows of our old house. He married his other wife six months after our wedding. His plan was to wait three years. I became aware of all these things and was in a state.of shock. I missed the fire by mere days. People gossip & are ate up with jealousy on this site! I dont care who anybodys has sex with or how or why. Or if they have a weave. But stories like this have merit and should be shared as a warning to others. This stuff doesn’t just happen on Lifetime!!! God will see you threw. Serve Him.

  3. ihaveneedsJanuary 29, 2019 at 6:53 AM

    Jesus, the level of dumbness here is epic.

  4. PlateauDecember 28, 2018 at 11:31 AM

    I just left a comment on here because someone took the time to write a long a55 story. So long I only made it 3 paragraphs in and had to tap out. Lol

  5. JJ abramsNovember 20, 2018 at 8:54 PM

    Congratulations, we have decided to make your posting a screenplay. It’s long enough, but to make it under 2 hours we will need to do a few cuts I hope you understand.

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