Concordia College’s Brandon Huether

Concordia College’s Brandon Huether

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, women beware! Brandon Huether, who works for the city of Grand Prairie in the parks and rec department TX, has a second side you might not be aware of. Most likely you met him off of a dating site or going by one of his code names. He drives a black Dodge charger (at least that’s what he claimed it was his car). A lot of his pictures are those of him with hair from I assume in high school. Don’t let him fool you, he is balding so bad I bet by the time anyone reads this he will be completely bald.

Brandon goes online trying to find women to come over and sleep with. What he doesn’t tell you is he has an Asian girlfriend named Breatiz AND another thing he doesn’t tell you is he will record his sex acts without you knowing and broadcasts them. When he can’t convince a girl to come over, he will just pay for a P4P to come over.

Continue Reading– It gets better. And yes, his bio is aggressive like his teeth.- nik

Ladies: make sure if you made the mistake of sleeping with him that you wrapped up! If that isn’t enough to change your mind, he comes wayyy to quick, and leaves much to be desired (not a micro Greg, but small enough). He is very forceful and controlling and he probably said “you like that? you like that?” over 20 times.

Brandon has a very stalker personality and will constantly continue to text you non-stop until you block his number or get a restraining order. Please share and make sure we expose him for what he is: a wanna be porn star, womanizer, cheater, a disgrace to the people that employ him so he can use that money to record girls without their knowledge. Let me know anyone wants a link to his new Tinder and his other dating accounts and his new Facebook and Twitter since he deletes them every couple months.

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    Nice veneers!