Dallas Home Wrecker Tarah Kiely

Dallas Home Wrecker Tarah Kiely

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been wanting to put this pepsi sniffier on here for awhile. Tarah Kiely is a home wrecker. Most girls would be embarrassed to be a side chick. Nope, not this one right here. She’s a young loud mouth drunk pill popping floozy who likes to sleep with other people’s boyfriends.

Her 40 year old bf Chad Cain is a joke himself; still goes to party cove with 20 yr olds- how pathetic. Which brings me to why I’m posting Tarah. Despite the fact Chad was engaged and in a long term relationship, that didn’t stop Tarah from hooking up with him, but that’s not even the worst- this went on for almost 2 years.

Side chicks get no Christmas presents… I don’t see the point. If you want meaningless sex just go to Starbucks and make eye contact.- nik


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