Former Frisco Mayor Maher Maso is a Real Family Man

Former Frisco Mayor Maher Maso is a Real Family Man

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Maher Maso is the former mayor of Frisco, Texas. He’s a Jordanian Arab who claims to be Greek Orthodox Christian and is actually a closet Muslim, but we’re just getting started. He tries to keep a fake, squeaky clean public image and pulls every rotten trick to hide his dirty lifestyle from everyone, including his own family. He claims to have several businesses that are actually shell companies which he uses for money laundering and to avoid paying taxes, but it’s clear how the Maso family really makes ends meet… he had 3 kids with his faithful wife of over 20 years and left her a few years ago for an unattractive, wealthy white woman named Cindy.

In 1995, he started having an affair with his older brother’s wife, Shelli. Riad and Shelli divorced, but got back together not long after that, and his poor brother never found out they both kept cheating on their spouses. The sleazeball was having sex with his own sister-in-law for YEARS and even got her pregnant once. He was still sleeping with the run-down Pamela Anderson look-a-like up to the date his divorce from his first wife finalized, and it’s very likely that this affair is still ongoing even though he re-married. The first photo is of Maher and his new wife Cindy. The second photo is of his older brother Riad and his wife Shelli. The Maso family is incest-ridden and this man is a complete con artist. It’s about time the community found out.

Don’t worry Maher Maso- you still have my vote. Good politicians have great sex drives.- nik

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