Kenny Wilgers Psycho Loser who try’s to use every girl

Kenny Wilgers Psycho Loser who try’s to use every girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this guy can’t handle being rejected when a woman is just being honest with him, this guy Kenny Wilgers lives in Onalaska, TX, and lies to women trying to get them to date his loser ass. He’s a liar, a user, never talks to just 1 woman, and will start calling you his “love” within the first week of talking to him. He tells women what they want to hear and tries to convince you he wants you and only you. Hahaha- correction !! He’s a man floozy, he doesn’t care about any girl he talks to and plays multiple girls at one time.

He is such a horrible father that he chooses to have purple neon lights and a sub woofer system set up in his car so he can make himself feel like he’s cool, while overlooking his parental duties for his child. He has NO AC in his vehicle for his 4 year old son who is treated horribly by this guy. He chooses to spend money on audio s**t for his car over ensuring his child can breathe in a hot car. That’s fu**ed up priorities. Your child should be your 1st concern!!!

He is a horrible person. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he lashes out immaturely by going to Facebook and lying on anyone not doing him any favors. He’s about to be 30 soon and he treats woman like their feelings don’t matter and would only use you for your house, money, and sex. He’s dishonest in every way and is mean to his 1 and only child.

Watch out for this guy, he’s a sick screwed up person. Stay clear unless you wanna get cheated on and lied to and used for what you’re worth, while watching him treat you and his own child like your nothing. He is a wordster and will try and make you think he cares when he is just telling you what you want to hear…. He even asked ” that’s what women wanna hear? Huh ? Right?”

Like seriously this guy doesn’t deserve a woman or his child. Stay clear from this sicko. He’s more drama then you’d ever wanna deal with! Save yourself the trouble and spread the word about this guy. He is only after a girl to use and abuse then slander. Kenny Wilgers is beyond the most immature ignorant guy you could come across, watch out for this hillbilly trash ? ? ?

You had me at “sub woofer system”. Usually, I don’t read novels.- nik

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  1. jack.hahnSeptember 8, 2017 at 7:57 PM

    OP: I’ll say this only once, tonight. If you want to keep a vampire out of your home, your pants, or your life, it’s very simple: Don’t let him in! Take responsibility for the fact that this yutz met YOUR minimum standards. Any bird who carries a scorpion across a river and gets stung afterwards has only herself to blame. He told you everything you wanted to hear, and you believed it. Who da fool?