Leah Marie Russell — Racist and terrible human being

Leah Marie Russell — Racist and terrible human being

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’d like to put this dumb cvnt Leah Marie Russell on here due to her working for a racist company called The Spunky Squaw. This company and all its employees have been making racist comments to Indigenous people for several weeks now and continue to use a derogatory word like Squaw like it’s not offensive. You are an awful person for working for a company that laughs at the struggles of Natives. You and your friend Brooke Loren Adams are truly disgusting people.


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  1. StanNovember 18, 2018 at 4:45 AM

    She’s gross
    A mask of makeup , and what’s with these girls in Texas and these clown eyebrows !!
    Leave Texas and others will laugh at you. Looks like clown makeup