Sudanese ET Looking Coward Maher Abdel Jalel Threatens Women Online

Sudanese ET Looking Coward Maher Abdel Jalel Threatens Women Online

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the scrawny insecure parasite Maher Abdel Jalel. This loser sent my friend several harassing abusive messages online because she ended a call with him. He went on a ridiculous rant that my friend saved. He was/still is that scrawny pathetic guy in high school built like a coffee alien from MIB! That’s why he is now obsessed with watching UFC! he is insexure! he was told off and beat up by many guys in the past. Yet, he takes his anger and shortcomings out on my female friend! She was weirded out by him and told him she doesnt want to talk to him anymore. So he blocked her than unblocks her to go on a cussing tirade calling her the ever so famous “Fat/ugly/”bleach face(cuz she is of a light skin),serpent,! he is so juvenile! he has anger issues that come from his feeling so finadequacy! This idiot prides himself on being a web developer with his basic microsoft word circa 1999 designs. He has a disgusting attitude and sense of self entitlement fueled by a deep insecurity. He showed his penis to her on the cam and it was rather small. He has a vide on youtube claiming to be an arabic translator. But in one of the screenshots he wrote my friend that he “hates arabs”!!! he was most likely bullied growing up. Thats why he has an obsession with complexion, what he deems is “African features”,MMA,UFC. He even threatened to BEAT a female up! thats how cowardly he is!! the world needs to see this! Nik I beg of you to please post not only his pic but the screenshots I’ve uploaded of this guy bragging how he is “super human” ! he is pathetic.

–I think we found our new women’s UFC champion

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  1. VinceDJune 11, 2018 at 6:34 PM

    This is a link to the blog of Mahir Abdul Jalel. It is a tired azz pathetic blog. He talks about the “clients” he has! what clients? nobody is paying you for this crap!

  2. AnonJune 11, 2018 at 6:30 PM

    He looks like Crazy Frog!!

  3. DMcCormickJune 3, 2018 at 1:19 PM

    What a scrawny loser. Threatening women online.