Neal Rodriguez — Felon Indecency w/Child and Child Endangerment

Neal Rodriguez — Felon Indecency w/Child and Child Endangerment

THE DIRTY ARMY: The Pope could not have said it any better “TOILET FILTH”. Neal Rodriguez is a convicted felon sex offender for the offenses of Indecency w/Child and Child Endangerment.Public records made available by Dallas County District Attorney. Nael Rodriguez has a lengthy criminal record since entering the U.S. and continues to. Nael Rodriguez was recently implicated in an auto theft ring along with several other violent criminals in Dallas. He is the owner of ORNO restaurant located on Cedar Springs.Yet no public record or documentation stating as such is to be found.That is due in part to his illegal status in the U.S. which does not allow for registration of permits. Nael is brutal with a violent temper.He talks down berates yells at his employees.He also discriminates against gays.There is a reason for the high turn around of employees at Orno. Several past employees have grouped as a whole retained an attorney and are filing a lawsuit against Orno and paper owner Dr.Meghan Pierce aka Eli as a result. There have been several female customers who no longer frequent Orno as he has sexually harassed them. There are also female customers he has had sex with at ORNO after closing hours while Eli has been out of town. ORNO is owned and operated by NAEL RODRIGUEZ who defines “TOILET FILTH” CONVICTED FELON SEX OFFENDER INDECENCY CHILD CHILD ENDANGERMENT. DO NOT SUPPORT ORNO NAEL RODRIGUEZ IS A SEX OFFENDER !! Homeland Security Immigration IRS State of Texas Attorney General have been contacted. Thanks Pope !

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  1. You Mad BroNovember 9, 2018 at 3:51 PM

    If you didn’t want to get fired, you shouldn’t have been such a d1ck bro. Case closed.


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