Rapey/Racist breastraunt manager Brian Freeborn of Dallas

Rapey/Racist breastraunt manager Brian Freeborn of Dallas

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Richard “Brian” Freeborn is the Twin Peaks Addison general Manager .. generally creepy, generally discriminative and exceptionally gross. I worked for this man for alittle over 3 years and every time I missed a shift he would ask for sexual favors in return he would not fire me. He made several sexual advances at other girls around me as well as racist remarks, (usually against the black girls that worked with us) making it extremely difficult to work for him. I know what everyone’s thinking.. why would I work for this slob?

I simply couldn’t afford to quit. My livelihood literally depended on this job and despite my efforts to reach out to corporate or Human Resources, I was always told “we’ll look into it” and action was never taken. Brian has a young son and a wife and it has killed me over the years to know that his family probably has no idea what kind of man he really is. I quit last year after Brian groped me. I had spent years being emotionally and physically abused by this man and I hope that other young girls are brave enough to speak out on his abuse also.

What body part did he grab? I have to know for my visional. Actually, don’t tell me… let my mind make this work. OP- you’re so hot in my cerebral cortex… just in case you’re wondering. It might give you peace.- max


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