Yesenia Delbrey whale of a business administrator at Fuesta Auto Sales causes Kennedy curse on men

Yesenia Delbrey whale of a business administrator at Fuesta Auto Sales causes Kennedy curse on men

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Yesenia Delbrey is a fat disgusting uneducated whale who causes every guy she is with to wind up behind bars. She landed the coveted gig of Business Administrator at Fiesta Auto Sales — Buy Here Pat Here in McKinney, Texas. Gee, every kid in school wants to be that when they grow up! Right?

She only shows her face in pictures thinking it hides the fact that she is F-A-T! She dyed her hair blonde and calls herself Yesi Lovens now to escape her checkered past. She has 2 ex-husbands and 4 other men she dated went behind bars for covering for her or her lying to police to frame them for crimes. Jaison Delbrey is waiting trial for continuous sexual abuse of child under 14.

Fact is that Yesenia routinely brings sex offenders around her kids and when it goes sour she makes her daughter lie that man committed rape. Geuka Griggs is another ex husband. Yesenia went to Hope’s Door battered women shelter to get free furniture, new apartment and lawyer to divorce Geuka but he never abused her. He raised the daughter like his own. Yesenia is draining Jaison dry and in Collin County Court every week to get child support from inmate. She is up to $25 per hour in child support from a man in jail! Spread the word so Yesenia can’t spread her long legs anymore to destroy life of another man.

Yesi, a breast lift will help sales. I decided.- nik

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  1. GriggsMay 27, 2018 at 6:26 PM

    I’m ex husband 2. Crazy is understatement. Those psycho bug eyes are scarier in dark. All but Yesenia knows she’s fat. She’s in denial. Yesenia is bad parent, & hostile to her son. She pokes fun at his disability & tosses items across room at him in rage. Her prenatal drug use is why he’s slow. I saw that one breast sags more than the other. Goes with her bipolar disorder.

  2. Yo mommaMarch 18, 2018 at 5:45 PM

    Whoever wrote this is an asshole and probably just bitter af. Jealousy and envy are evil feelings ya know? KYS

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