Mentally Ill Hair Dresser — Kailey (Willow) Mullin

Mentally Ill Hair Dresser — Kailey (Willow) Mullin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh boy, where do I start? THIS GIRL IS A COMPULSIVE LIAR. First when she lived in AZ she used a completed fictitious name, probably because she’s running from her past. Her name is Kailey Mullin, but went by Kailey McDaniel, Willow Mullin and/or Willow Davines. She comes from the trailer park, but pretends she was a high class business owner in Scottsdale Arizona before. Every single guy that has been with her, has dumped her a55, even though she will sleep with you the first time you meet her. She’s always desperate for money, so she sells her nudes on Craigslist. She recently left her boyfriend that relapsed, because of her, stole his dogs, and illegally took their baby 1800 miles away. She’ll tell you she owned a salon, but really she just convinced a naive lady to give her money to open one that almost went bankrupt. Her “investor” parted ways with her after discovering she had no idea how to run a business and after the salon had gone through 2 cycles of 100% churn where EVERY SINGLE stylist left because they hated her so much. She claims to be a well liked Davines educator, BUT IF YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH you’ll learn that any Davines stylist that has worked with her, hates her after they realize what a lying conniving person she is. If you work with her, she’ll talk bad about you to your clients and try to steal them (Ask Lora Moon in Scottsdale, she was duped too). If you ever work “for” her, she’ll steal your commission and have you work hours without pay. She also loves to file fake “order of protections” against people she doesn’t like because they are so easy to get SO BEWARE. The last one was dropped, luckily the judge saw through her BS. She will make up the most grandiose stories about her life that aren’t true (being stalked by boyfriends, being abused, having a rich dad that owns a farm, dating rich men, being adopted at the age of 20, managing salons in big cities, being an executive at a major restaurant chain). She’ll brag about how she’s been doing hair for over a decade. She’s only really been doing hair for about 6 years so anything over that is just an exaggeration. Even her own biological dad hates her because she’s so nuts. Oh and she’s an alcoholic and known to snort coke and take adderall to keep up her oh so peppy personality. If you are going to sleep with her, please protect yourself…you do not want to be tied to this lady for 18+ years.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2018 at 7:06 AM

    She’s a good hairdresser and a great person. Find a better use for your time.

  2. AnonymousMay 28, 2018 at 7:13 AM

    Yep… This whole thing is true… Well, I mean her artisan name “Willow” is true…. The rest of this article who was written but some form for jealous peer or simply a bored, distraught former employee that is unstable.. Though Kailey and I are no longerp together, I promise you she is a. Amazing mother full of charisma and love, she only wanted to the best for her son, so when her ex fiancé (me :/) who she now despises) had a last a nearly fatal relapse, she did what any STRONG and smart mother would do, take the innocent child away from the father that seems to be self destructing himself. Aka her fiancé, the Man she was looking st wedding venues at just a week prior to the dramatic debacle. Business wise, Kailey was asked to please use her expertise, skill and one of a kind style and design to create an eco friendly salon with a serene vibe to undergo either a peaceful transformation with Willows untouchable style and grace or just a trim for those trying to be the lunch rush or rat race home after work. guests walk in stressed and can seem borderline evil (I know I’ve been there) due to their procrastination meeting with their favorite artisan willow. Kailey is driven and had trouble finding the balance of friendly delegation and Well actually getting people to do what they need to do in orderr to be successful. When humans don’t understand that they don’t own the world, that they have a boss and a job to do, it sometimes seems like one may be abravise or demanding…. Who adores their boss? Who loves being told what to do? Unless you’ve deemed your Higher-Ups some form of messiahs and would oblige dirtying the tissue paper upon their own bum while in the loo, chances are your boss is either on your dart board at home or renting negative space within your very essence. But hey, If there was no queen bee to direct the ants where to build, it would be complete chaos. Unfortunately life is as close to a game of poker as it gets and Kailey was dealt a hand most people would have folded long ago… But her poker face is good as any, though her hand is seemingly s bust, this beautiful human being will continue on until she hits that royal flush.

    Lastly, Kailey did not grow up in poverty… Her father was and still is one of the most hard working veteran soldiers to touch this soil. If you call a man who fights for our countertops an impoverished soul, take a trip to the Middle East and then get back to the world.

    Listen, I loved with Kailey for almost two years and she was nothing but a husbands dream. I wake up every morning with a heart that I fear will forever ache and sustain the fracture I created when I left her no choice but to leave me. Oh yeah, two ice packs for both my ass cheeks for the daily kicking of my own ass for letting the love of my life find happiness without me. Forever only stays alive until you die… Though until that day arrives, forever is an endeavor I pray no one has to surrender to especially in spite of their own lack of splendor.


    A grateful and Anonymous human.

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