Chels Nicole — Trailer trash junkey

Chels Nicole — Trailer trash junkey

THE DIRTY ARMY: This psychotic bitch is turning tricks out of the same trailer her parents live in. I guess they’re in need of financial support. She will stalk your Facebook and post pics about you when she doesn’t even know you. Apparently enough people know her to have this kind of information about her. Which is all true. She’s nothing more than a white trash junkie who’s a waste of a life. Stay far away from this drd carrying hoe.

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  1. ThorDecember 27, 2018 at 7:58 AM

    Yo this dude is all over this site and the internet
    This mother f***ker was flagged as a child predator!!!! Dane Steele got mad restraining orders on him!! He was telling b***hes he was looking for a gf cuz his gf died!! F**ken lunatic the group looked her up…. She’s was alive just hit him with restraining order! This Dude Dane Steele is a Nut job he is a loaner No friends.. No job… Pretending to be some gym dude on Internet!!! His parents are bottom feeders… They live with Dane in a one bedroom apartment and dudes father walks around the neighborhood collecting cans in ppls trash!! He is a f**ken broke bum ladies stay away I should just roll up and beat his azz

  2. Super ManDecember 25, 2018 at 6:21 PM

    All of this information is definitely false!! She’s bad af… This is just another chick that made that Dane Steele look like The F**Ktard and A Dumba55!! Lmao!! There are ALOT OF WOMEN UP HERE THAT MADE THAT MANGINA LOOK SILLY….. He is so mad thou, Salty af because not ONE!! Women or actually ONE Man wants his pathetic stink azz ball sack!! He try’s to sell his ebt card for blow j**s from trannys!! While his parents are living on a section 8 voucher he is borrowing their car cruising for trannys after dark!!!! Dane Steele your a trifling troll… F**k off