Alexis Lucero Hozales -Slore Who Cried Wolf

Alexis Lucero Hozales -Slore Who Cried Wolf

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alexis is one delusional mental case. This Globeville piece of sewage swears up and down her ex isn’t a good father, he doesn’t do sh1t for his kids and chooses his wife over them. This b1tch tells anybody that will listen how terrible said ex is. Alexis is so jealous of the wifey that she actually puts all this bullsh1t in the poor kids heads. So that being said, the manly beast Alexis is claiming to have been pregnant by said ex with twins. Desperate slore Alexis claims ex was cheating on the wife and she got prego. Now, if ex is such a sh1tty father, neglects your children and hurts them all the time why the fuk would this troll fuk him any time he waved the d1ck in her fat face? Sounds like a bunch of bullsh1t to me. Just like her desperate attempt to keep ex in her life with a weird a55 story about a twin pregnancy.

This hoe is a fatal attraction creepy b1tch. Dumb b1tch tried to make the pregnancy believable and sent an ultra sound picture. It was a picture of triplets. Silly wack job is grasping at straws. Its really quite sad.The plot thickens though. Alexis fuks with a dude named Simon. She is worried he is going to find out she fuks her ex still, raw dog. Im telling you Nik you cant make this sh1t up. This thot gets around. Ive enclosed screenshots to prove everything Im saying. Poor Alexis needs to realize she is the past. Stop using the children as a pawn just because her ego is bruised. Alexis nobody wants you. You are mattress material not marriage material. Your convenient pu55y not good pu55y. If you didnt have the two kids I would swear you were a dude. There is nothing attractive about you. You’re a desperate, delusional fat slore. One day your kids will see the truth. The clock is ticking scary looking beast. Nik this b1tch needs to be locked up in Fort Logan mental institution.

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  1. WTFSeptember 23, 2018 at 11:14 PM

    This b1tch is looks like an old bar slore.

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