Becca Doyle is a Dangerous Gogo

Becca Doyle is a Dangerous Gogo

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Becca Doyle is a dangerous floozy. She’s married, a gogo dancer, a raging drunk, an attention seeking floozy (with DRDs), and a reputation for being a mental ill psychopath. Each and every man she’s slept with, from a blackout bender to a boyfriend or even her husband, she’s accused of sexual assault and/or being physically abusive. I thought I was the only one, till her husband contacted me, then her new boyfriend, and then a new one, etc….

This psychopath has extreme anger and drinking problems. And when shes’ done with a guy, she gets the police called by throwing one her famous temper tantrums and then when the cops come- BAM! She makes her accusations and tosses yet another boyfriend in jail. She even did that to her own husband! The men of Denver need to BEWARE of Gogo Becca, she’s the easiest lay around (not very good though) but it comes with a price; your freedom. Don’t catch a case just for some easy gogo sex…’ve been warned!

Who Gogo’s at the age of 40… better yet, who still hires Gogo dancers?- nik

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  1. jack.hahnSeptember 9, 2017 at 11:16 PM

    It sound like OP paid for take out from an old stripper, and became infatuated. HE thought it was love; she thought it was just an after hours gig. He accosted her in public when he found out she was married, and she dropped a dime on him. That’s so Denver. This sort of thing used to happen with Malpractice two or three times a week. OP should have spent some time listening to the LYRICS of the country music he loves so much. Now he’s just another redneck, pinched on “COPS” for ‘drunken disorderly’. What a mullet.