Cindy Gabriela Morales Soria

Cindy Gabriela Morales Soria

THE DIRTY ARMY: “-nik” This nasty fuking hoe cindy rather spend her time getting drunk and high instead of taking care of her kids. She has 4kids which she only has 3 she gave up her son to her parents and whenever his dad wants to see him. She denies him visitation. She had her babies fathers girlfriend thrown in jail and laughed in her face and told her she was happy him and her lost their babies because she dont compare to her!!! Cindy you’re nasty and thats why your ex left you he showed paperwork stating she in fact gave him DRD. The kids rather spend time with their dad and step mom because they hate how she lives!!! She brings multiple men in and out of the house every hour of the day and night. Shes mentally ill and there has been times where i would find her drunk sleeping in her truck!!! Her daughter has ran away from her because she hates her!!! She has put many restraining orders on the kids dad and tells the kids that their father dont love them and dont want to see them!!! Cindy stop lying and let the kids see their dad if you still want to party give the kids to their dad tbey deserve way better then what you offer. Stay off the drugs and leave the booze alone!!! Stop bringing men into your children’s home!!! Dont open your legs to any man thats why you’re sick and your kids dont ike being around you

— and with that, there will be no Mother of the Year Award given during this post.

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