Erin Siegel Owner of Skinnovations and A FRAUD

Erin Siegel Owner of Skinnovations and A FRAUD

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Ok Nik, Here we go again with Erin, she’s been on here multiple times before. Erin was featured on the Denver News for Impersonating a Registered Nurse. She was sent several Cease and Desist Letters from the State of Colorado asking her to stop. The problem is now, Erin claims this person on on the News isn’t her. On the news story it says Erin J Siegel. Her middle name is Marie, so I’m assuming that’s her reasoning for saying it’s not her. Erin has been married and divorced 4 times. At the time she obtained a Esthetician License in Colorado, her last name was Jensen. When she divorced and changed her name back to Siegel, they must have kept the “J” from Jensen in her name. In the article, it also states that Erin owned a company called Skinnovations and worked for a Dallas Plastic Surgeon, where she claimed to be an RN. Again Erin denies this is her in the Article. Ironically, Erin has deleted her LinkedIn page which confirms that she worked for both of the companies that the Denver news uncovered her impersonating an RN. Erin has also deleted blog pages where she claims to be a nurse. She goes by the screen name Radtastic Elastic. Erin J Siegel is Erin Marie Siegel birthdate (redacted) She previously lived on Speer Blvd in Demver. She IS the Erin that is on the Denver News and she is absolutely the most mentally unstable person I’ve ever known. She really needs help because she is in such denial of REALITY. A woman with any kind of dignity would just own up instead of continuing to lie.





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  1. Erin SingleNovember 27, 2018 at 6:04 PM

    When Erin Speaks:
    Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. Lies, lies. And plays the victim!!!

    It’s ok for her to stalk Terra on Poshmark YEARS later when nobody even gave one single thought about Erin. That’s ok right? Erin, PLEASE have your detective call me. The police think your absolutely crazy. Who goes to the police and wastes their time to make complaints then turns around and does the exact same thing? You’re a liar and they all know it! Divorced FOUR TIMES because your such a great lovaaaah right? You’re a horrible person, wife, mother, employee, friend etc. You constantly lie on top of lie. Can’t wait to see your face on the news AGAIN once your trial for FRAUD IS COMPLETE. The Attorney General loves seeing all of your absolutely crazy posts and lies. Want something entertaining? Go through your Pinterest and look how many men you’ve been through in the past few years. Every man is “The One”. Then every relationship “You walk away from because it’s not good fo you”. Puhlease. You have the absolute most pathetic life of anybody on Earth. Seriously. Homeless people are better off than you because you’re a FAKE. FRAUD. LIAR. THEIF. DRUNK. How can you not figure out that your ex wrote ALL OF THOSE COMPLAINTS??? You are absolutely delusional. We DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU WHATSOEVER. YOURE A PATHETIC LOSER.

  2. Erin SiegelNovember 27, 2018 at 10:35 AM

    I’ve been the target of harassment, stalking, and defamation of my name and character by a woman named Terra Cobb for the past 6 years. It escalated in March of this year (again). I went to high school with Terra but didn’t know her then and I don’t know her now. I dated her husband (Brian Cobb) my freshman year and then again very briefly for 3 months long distance 6 years ago. Brian and Terra were separated. He told me that he was getting divorced and I felt sorry for him. I was a friend and sounding board to vent more than anything. We talked often but only saw each other once over those few months when he visited Colorado and again when I visited home over the holidays. It was a mistake made by me and I take ownership and have learned from it. Terra made false accusations of me having an unlicensed daycare in my home with child protective services at that time. She also made false accusations and anonymous reports to the government agency that regulates my professional licensure in Colorado and against my former business. I ended the relationship and all communication with Brian immediately upon her actions and my intuition that he wasn’t being honest with me.
    Terra Cobb has continued to make anonymous false complaints to the state board and the board of nurses regularly from 2012 to present in Colorado. She went as far as to make a complaint against a doctor to the medical board that she believed I worked with in 2015. She had tampered with online accounts of mine and falsified online profiles. Terra has sent hate mail to my home, my family, my parents, and my child’s father. She has contacted friends and family through mail, email, text messages, fb messenger, and has tried to friend request my friends and family under fake profiles. She has begged our child’s father to get full custody of our daughter stating that I am an “unfit mother” though fb messenger and text unsuccessfully. I’m grateful for the relationship that Brad and I have built over the years as coparents for our girl. Terra has made some despicable posts about me on disgusting websites I didn’t have knowledge existed before this year. She has attempted to defame my name and character through online platforms that are highly visible discrediting me both PERSONALLY and PROFESSIONALLY! She states she has been in contact with my in laws, specifically, my brother in law and my husband’s ex wife who “side with her”. She obtained friends phone numbers and texted them her false professional complaints against me then compares me to Casey Anthony. She encouraged them to discontinue our relationship saying that I am “dangerous”. These are people she HAS NEVER MET but contacts to either attempt to get information about me or to discredit me. She has accused me of being a drug addict and alcoholic which is a lie. Again, I do not know this woman. I don’t remember ever speaking to her in school. I’ve spoken to her twice over the phone in the past 4 years and apologized to her both times for any pain I caused her. She said to me during our call in July that she is defaming my name and reputation because I “like a pair of her shoes on Poshmark”. Excuse me but there is NOTHING that warrants criminal harassment, stalking, libel, and slander, especially something as trivial as shoes!
    Terra has used my email address and phone number to solicit unwanted services for me such as sex addiction treatment, weight loss surgery, BBW online dating services, manufactured homes, out of state moving services, realtors, various rehabilitation services, and weight loss services. I have had to tell people who call or email regularly that “I’m sorry your time was wasted but I didn’t schedule this appointment with you.” She has body and fat shamed me online. Terra has said negative things about my child’s appearance. It takes an extremely unstable and hateful person to attack a child.
    Why am I posting this you may wonder? Living in fear and hiding is not an option for me. I will not allow this obvious unwell person to control even the smallest aspect of my life. I know who I am, my friends and family know who I am, my daughter knows who her mother is, and hopefully you know who I am as well. The best way to deal with a bully is to confront them… I would rather be the one to tell the world what is happening then to sit by and hide from a person who is using fear tactics to act like a spoiled rotten bully brat while committing crimes. The silver lining that has come from this situation is I’ve decided to become a victims advocate to help others in similar situations. Harassment, stalking, and bullying does not just happen to children. I’m proof that middle aged women are affected by it too.
    I’m posting a few photos that I’ve kept over the years. The file of proof is enormous and hopefully there will be resolution soon because I refuse to spend another 6 years of my life being threatened. And yes, the post is public even though I don’t post anything public online! Please think twice before you browse gossip websites and hopefully you take what is on them with a grain of salt. They’re called “rumors and gossip” because they don’t hold merit. I’m encouraged by my loved ones, my career, my beautiful child, and my heart to keep on shining… and that’s exactly what I intend to do ❤️

  3. BrujaSeptember 14, 2018 at 5:18 PM

    I sear this is the same girl that works at st Anthony’s west that I was iffy about giving me an iv because she kept asking the other nurse what she should do! Omg!!

    • Wishful thinkingSeptember 17, 2018 at 8:49 AM

      Not sure. Contact the facility, explain the situation and request an employee list during the time period when you were a patient. If so, you can call your local authorities. So far, she’s only gotten what I call slapped on the wrist. More and more patients and employers are stepping forward with criminal complaints. Too, anyone can request an open records report with DORA. It’s call the CORA, Colorado Open Records Act. The entire DORA file is there including “the souce” of the written complaints that were filed im the last 2-3 years. Including emails between “the source” and the DORA investigator- the part where “the source” begs to remain anonymous over and over Is quite telling. It would be beneficial for a certain person to stop putting blame on someone who is not responsible for the trouble Erin is in and read the file. Then maybe she’ll realize the truth, have a lot of questions answered and shift her focus to the person who’s “out to her her into trouble”. I’ve have only been trying to find the truth. I’ve now found it and hopefully Erin will too. It really sucks when someone blames you for something you didn’t do. “The Source” banked on the fact that Erin would think
      It was somebody else because of past history. Thank goodness for CORA!!

  4. WowSeptember 3, 2018 at 1:34 PM

    Erin has gone online trying to fool LE by changing online profiles under Skinnovations to an address in Florida. Isn’t gonna work. Thank goodness for screenshots that lead her picture to her profile then show that it’s been “updated” within the last month. More charges coming soon.

  5. WowAugust 30, 2018 at 5:24 AM

    Yore definitely not a nurse Erin. Wow.

  6. TruthSeakerAugust 14, 2018 at 5:37 AM

    Jefferson County – The Board of Nursing vs Erin Siegel. They’re on to ya girl. They even filed a Restraining Order against her! Guess when you don’t think rules apply to you, you continue to live your lies. Game over honey. DORA is coming for you! So is the Assistant General Attorney. Some big players want to see you in jail. Hope you sleep well!!!

  7. Humans SuckJuly 25, 2018 at 4:16 PM

    Erin is quite the kleptomaniac… Go to Dallas County Courts website and search under Erin Kozak – convicted shoplifting. So if she’s actually been convicted of shoplifting 3 times, wonder how many times she used the 5 finger discount and didn’t get caught. Yeah we’re on to ya sister. This truly is one Dirty Girl.

    • ErinSiegel SucksJuly 26, 2018 at 5:00 AM

      Interesting- however she’ll only deny, deny, deny that it’s her. That’s what she does, lies about everything. However, interesting to note that on that arrest record it names an accomplice- Laurissa Myers , who is Laurissa Lara her long time friend from Dallas. Proof is in the pudding.

  8. Humans SuckJuly 24, 2018 at 6:49 AM

    If anyone would like to make a case to a judge. Erin will be at the Jefferson County courthouse on July 30th at 8:00am for a Hearing on a Temporary Restraining Order.

  9. BadGirlJuly 23, 2018 at 6:30 AM

    Well, The Dirty didn’t post any of the pictures that proved what was said above – that’s ok. If you’re interested, Go to DORA Verify a License, Enter Erin Siegel. All of her infractions will come up as well as it says “Middle name Jensen”. Also there were screenshots of Erin’s cached LinkedIn page where she herself Claims to be the owner of Skinnovations- Google Erin Siegel Skinnovations. I have these all saved on screenshot and are working on getting them posted.

    Maybe you learn to leave folks alone Erin and just deal with your crappy life without blaming everyone else. You made your bed now lie in it. That is if you even have a bed. Probably wish you hadn’t spent all your money remodeling someone else’s house! Maybe just not ever ever date again. That would probably be best.

    • ErinSiegel SucksJuly 23, 2018 at 2:41 PM

      Looks like the pics got posted. Thank you