Jeff Gray- Colorado Photographer? More Like Creepy Perv

Jeff Gray- Colorado Photographer? More Like Creepy Perv

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s another winner from Colorado. His name’s Jeff Gray. This guy should be called an imposter because he uses his ‘photography’ as a way to create his own stockpile of porn. He only photos girls he thinks are attractive, most of them in seductive poses, sultry looks, little to no clothing. Even his high school senior photo shoots are disgustingly sexually suggestive.

He keeps his back stock and goes through it I guess when the moods right. You can always tell when he’s having his wanking time because he changes his FB profile pictures or posts a picture to his other websites of one of his chicks with comments like foxymomma, sexy, and shesabeauty. None of the girls are really impressed with his compliments. Truth is that no one thinks he has worked in a long time now because he keeps recycling his old work back on the internet fishing for compliments or new models.

Women have shown discomfort in his unprofessionalisim and have caught on to what he does in his spare time with their photos. Nothing they can do about it now because he’s got forever digital copies, but people can be cautious of this guy and possibly avoid doing business with him all together. He has some very seriously obvious self-esteem and entitlement issues, no self control or regard for privacy, and professionalisim. It’s no wonder this guy is single and always will be. When your life is all about finding the next biggest pair of melons or perfect a$#, no one is going to stay with you.

Jeff does what he does because he could never be with a gorgeous girl. This man is also a father of two children that see his ‘work.’ How screwed up is that? I would think their morals and self worth are suffering big time. Not to mention that no child should be around that kind of crap. Only a dead beat, selfish, entitled adult would act like this man. No wonder his wife left him.

Anyone hiring a photographer should be cautious with Jeff of Jeff Gray Art Photography in Colorado unless they want the end result of their modeling career to be what’s in the wadded up tissues next to this washed up, beer bellied fake rockabilly guy’s nightstand.

OP- I doubt this submission will change the minds of potential clients. Every girl is desperate for social media content these days.- nik

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