Malpractice On The Pole At Sturgis

Malpractice On The Pole At Sturgis

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I thought she looked familiar. My girlfriend said this was Malpractice- looks like she made it to Sturgis. Snuck some pictures of her dancing in her underwear at One Eyed Jacks. I asked one of the girls what their best night does during the rally- it was $300.00.

Sounds like Malpractice made enough to cover one (new/used) tooth.- nik

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  1. Hot Doc JordySeptember 25, 2017 at 4:40 PM

    I was hanging with this dude that lived in Cap Hill. When we were super lazy we would go to the Park Tavern since it isn’t as grimy now that they remodeled the place. The best part about these outings were that you could glimpse Malpractice in the flesh. OMG, trainwreck. I would have to keep myself from staring, because she not only has the flabbiest body, but her face is seriously awful. She cakes on makeup and has extensions that are so ratchet. I hope that girl gets an education and gets out of the bars, because she is looking like she has been rode hard for only a little over 30.

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