Stefan and Nasty Angelo — Hottest couple in Denver

Stefan and Nasty Angelo — Hottest couple in Denver

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey nik this is about how desperate Stefan could be and how Nasty Angelo can get let’s start out the age difference stefan is a 30yr old still living with his momma and Angelo is 22yrs old still living with his parents with no job! When Angelo was being brought into this world chomo stefan was already 10 yrs of age talk about being desperate for ugly little Angelo! So let’s get started Angelo is suppose to be my older brother but he is such a disgusting IT he went behind my back and sucked off my boyfriend in our parents house and to top it of Stefan caught him in the act! Made it such a dramatic deal woke the whole house and when my dad was about to bust his balls and kick his a** her comes chomo Stefan to the rescue flees with him out the house when he caught my brother cheating on him with MY BOYFRIEND! Who knows where they went but after one week of crybaby Stefan bagging my brother back even though Angelo did him dirty Stefan gets right back with him! I don’t see why when Angelo my brother can’t even make up his mind if he want to be a little boy with that hair cut or try to be a women with the clown make up he wears both theses dudes need to be put on blast thank you for the time and listening!

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  1. GrzzlyMarch 9, 2019 at 6:43 PM

    LMFAOOOOOO bish you just mad yo man gay!!!!!! Dead