Straight Out of Lifetime Cynthia Rits of Thornton, Colorado

Straight Out of Lifetime Cynthia Rits of Thornton, Colorado

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so this is long, if you’re not ready to sit still just wait…..Cynthia has been with this great guy for 5 years. Cynthia has cheated on this guy for 5 damn years. Do you remember the shooting in Thornton a few years ago? Well while her husband was in the ICU after being shot 6 times saving her life, she slept with his best friend…in the house that the shooting happened.

Since this has happened she has continued sleeping with this guy throughout the year while her guy is getting better…btw, he made a complete recovery. After he heals, he proposes and they plan a wedding. Everybody that her dumbass told (yes, she did not take this secret to her grave) had informed her that if she doesn’t tell him the truth about her sleeping with his best friend while he was in the ICU than they will. Her solution, start a fight with every person and cut them off so they can’t say anything. She even got punched out by her friend Kassy because she felt that she needed some act right, it didn’t work.

Now that he has found out the truth, she claims she was raped. Okay people, let’s talk about a rape victim briefly. Can you (rape victim) willingly and happily hang out with the person who raped you on a regular basis ALONE?! Yeah ALONE. Moving on, she has blamed everybody else but herself and get this, the person who got shot 6 times because be was protecting Cynthia Rits is also at fault. She claims that if she received enough attention from him than when he was in the ICU, she wouldn’t have found comfort in his best friend. This b*tch actually thinks she can get back with him. I saved the best part for last….the person that shot up their house is a person she was sleeping around with behind her boyfriends back. So not only did she sleep with another man while hers was in the ICU, but he gets the added bonus of her being the direct reason he was put there in the first place.

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