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Yad Azad Kareem Threatens and Lies to TheDirty.com

Yad Azad Kareem Threatens and Lies to TheDirty.com

The original post is here.


Email 1:


THE DIRTY ARMY STAFF MAILROOM from Yad Azad Kareem: “If you do not take down that article I swear to god I will report it to FBI…I am a echo cardiologist I have heart patients! They’re elderly, and Jobs will look into this. This is defamation of character, do not make me pursue a lawsuit against your entire company. You have 1 day to respond and 2 days to take this down or I am reporting you to FBI”


TheDirty then responded and Yad’s tone changed a bit.


Email 2:


“I am asking you to please remove it. None of those things are true. I have a professional career. Imagine if someone did this to you? Please remove it sir or madam. This is defamation and false. I have never committed any of those things mentioned. You’re harboring false information and it is morally and ethically not right.”


–Thanks to The Dirty Army staff and their research we have learned that Yad Azad Kareem is not a doctor at all. Furthermore, he has a list of pretty serious offenses that are documented on the following pages:





We are going to leave the decision to the D.A. on whether or not to remove Yad Azad Kareem’s post after lying and threats.  Please vote below: