Denise Koenig — Disease Infestation

Denise Koenig — Disease Infestation

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m not saying she is a slut but if she was a video game her vagina would be “E” for everyone. If you want Hep C and crabs this is your dog. What’s a whore? She’s like the guilty counterfeited coin Which whosoe’re first stamps it brings in trouble all that receive it. Present, rather than past, is the mother of future. So, your future must take after your present. But if it resembles more your past, the granny must be a slut!

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  1. DeniseSeptember 30, 2018 at 12:07 AM

    Whoever wrote this sounds like a. Complete moran! It makes absolutely no sense. I am definitely not with everyone lol. I don’t even go around anyone! I have been with my bf for over a yr and i am always and i mean always with him. We probably spend to much time together. Anyway glad someone got to have fun at my expence but go on now with ur pathetic boring life and let’s try not to write anymore tall tales about me anymore you dig!

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