Forrest Fremont Wynn — Can you spot the pig?

Forrest Fremont Wynn — Can you spot the pig?

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m writing this in hopes to finally make this loser and his wickedness go public. He is notorious not only for being a huge alcoholic (drinking all day, every day), but he’s also a known cheater and woman abuser. If you’re the unfortunate broad who’s dating this trash bag (I’m looking at you, Jaime Edmunds) just know that you’re just one of many. Just like every other crazy bitch he brings home from rehab you probably convince yourself that you know him better than anyone and he’d never do that to you because you’re truly special. *snort* He gets his rocks off by cheating, and somehow hardly ever gets caught, probably because he’s so aggressive and manipulative they have no choice but to believe his lies. He brags about his mistresses taking whatever dumb girl he’s with out for coffee just to make him sweat. Seems like a creepy fetish to me. While I’m on fetishes! Don’t get me started on his dark and dirty side. He is a sexual deviant. He’ll fuk your woman and your mom (true story). This grown-a55 man likes to get nasty while he wears women’s stilettos. He is an avid fan of strap on dildos, a fist up his rear or the occasional DP by two strange men if he’s feeling adventurous. I’m not gay-bashing here. He needs to be called out on this because he is INCREDIBLY homophobic and treats gay men like sh1t. Let me get to the woman beating part. He has been arrested on several accounts for beating his girlfriends to a pulp, I can only say for sure that he’s been slapped with a restraining order in the past. Of course he’ll blame the woman, blame the liquor, or just pretend he doesn’t remember breaking their noses. He is a true sociopath and a pig. Speaking of pigs, I hope that his current woman doesn’t piss him off because the last time a woman got sick of his shit and left him he killed both of her ferrets by breaking their necks, and of course bragged about it. He won’t hesitate to kill your pets. This disgusting waste of oxygen is currently living in Flagstaff but is known for living in the Albuquerque area and slumming it along the coast of California. He tells women that he’s from Canada to seem for “exotic”. Heh. If he’s not in rehab you can find him doing some flare bartending at any place that hasn’t fired him for fucking with the staff and bar patrons. And if you can’t find him there you should be able to find him mooching off his mother somewhere in Texas. Did I mention that he still lets his mommy rock and spoon him to sleep? He’s 30. Oh, and he also verbally abuses her on the regular. I can’t decide if he’s going to be the next Norman Bates or Buffalo Bill. I’ll leave that for you to decide. The moral of this story is that if this fat-faced, saggy balled, piece of shit ever tries to reel you in… RUN. If you see him trying to get with your girl, save her. He is poison.

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  1. LolJanuary 1, 2019 at 7:10 AM

    OMG finally lol plz stay out of Canada u tool bag