Xavier Anthony Huerta — Beware The Biggest FAKE Of ALL

Xavier Anthony Huerta — Beware The Biggest FAKE Of ALL

THE DIRTY ARMY: Take a good look at the face everyone!!!! This is the big fake of all. So call “barber” / “photographer”. Here’s the spill on this guy he preys on women and minuplates them to taking their money. Did I also mention he is the biggest thief of all. Be careful everyone not only is the camera he uses is stolen!!! He sells lies to anyone he meets and once he’s got your trust you will get taken advantage of. Don’t fall for his sob story about getting locked up and trying to change his life. He was put in jail for beating up a woman. I personally know a few people that’s this guy screwed over and they are not doing so good since he took money from them. So Fresno beware of this FRAUD!! Be careful ladies, men with ladies friends beware


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  1. some-1-u-knowOctober 21, 2018 at 6:40 PM

    This guy is all bark no bite. Talks the talk but can’t walk the walk for $hit. I knocked his mouthy ass out with one punch…………..Quit hitting women you insecure dumb ass!