Ex-Reality Star Railroading Party Pigs

Ex-Reality Star Railroading Party Pigs

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here’s the story: Eric Nochimson and his cousin, Michael Halpern (you might remember him from the unknown MTV Reality Show “Are You The One”) have a scam going on in South Florida. What they do is they meet girls on dating apps & bars and then they claim they are famous to try to get laid. So sad. Meanwhile, Eric has a 3 month old baby girl that he has nothing to do with, doesn’t pay child support, doesn’t visit, and continues to act like he is in college, drunk at beach bars, hollering at different girls each and everyday.

I am his neighbor and constantly, I see a different, drunk and drugged girls leaving his house at all hours of the day and night. His cousin, is the “chick bait” pulls these gross girls in for his dead-beat cousin. Eric doesn’t have a job or money. His parents are doctors and don’t approve of his lifestyle and cut him off. I hope these girls get a clue and do a Google Search about this predator that they think is rich and famous before they hook up with him and his wanna-be-famous cousin. Word on the street says Eric and Michael are undercover Gay-For-Pay. Which means, they hook up with dudes for money, on the down low. Surprisingly enough, a lot of guys in South Florida subsidize their bank accounts with this extracurricular activity. Watch out girls (and guys), they are on the prowl!

Eric, go visit your daughter. It will give you clarity.- nik


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  1. Eric nochimsonMarch 22, 2018 at 6:36 PM

    This is Eric nochimson and this story laughable. Mindy baker please focus on our daughter and stop tarnishing her fathers name.