Dirty Doushe Bag Danny Santimaw

Dirty Doushe Bag Danny Santimaw

THE DIRTY ARMY: I dated this dude for about five months. He is the dirtiest douche bag I’ve ever met. One day we were looking at houses to rent the next day he moved across the country without even telling me & a week before he comes and visits he calls me and wants to talk. So we’re good and he spends four days with me and says he needs to go back home to get his things. He’s going to move back in with me and he wants me to have his kids blah blah. And I needed to drop him off at the airport and I did. I found out later that he literally had some other girl pick him up. He didn’t even leave the city. We had sex in the airport parking lot and then he had sex with that girl the same day and did not even take a shower. (She’s a 32 year old science teacher and he’s 25). Before all that he would get stupid drunk. Cops had to almost break down my door to get to him from me. He crashed into the back of my Audi because he was mad at me because I will not let him have sex with me in the butt (which I recorded he sounds like a little baby). He’s been married twice and is only 25. When I first met him he told me he was 28 and he was not married but he was married. He also said he was born in Rochester New York (which that was a lie he’s born in some random city in Mississippi….). Over five other women message me during the time we were dating saying that they slept/he was trying to hook up with him recently. He has told me that he had sex with his cat and cums inside HIS pu55y. He’s also told me he had sex with his sister. He told me that he was in the cartel and he sells kilos of pepsi. This guy is a pathological liar. He manipulates women. He pretends to be Mr. Prince charming in the beginning once you get too comfortable he makes up all these crazy lies and messes with your head and he thinks it’s funny! I told the new girl he’s dating everything and he somehow convinced her that I’m lying!! Even with proof…. you can tell he has some weird confidence issue because he literally stares every guy down like he wants them. Oh ladies if he tries to convince you that he has a lot of money don’t, he won $24,000 on a casino and he thinks he’s a millionaire but he lives in his parents basement

— OP looks like someone is very anal about their makeup techniques.


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  1. dabatmaneJuly 14, 2019 at 10:55 PM

    Dam sarah you done grew up and out, let me get some of that pu55y. I’ll do jt better than mike or this gay dude here hit me up baby

  2. Kelly 2July 30, 2018 at 3:00 PM

    Kayla certainly did not modify Danny’s make up

  3. KellyJuly 1, 2018 at 6:53 AM

    Danny is actually a very nice guy, crazy at but a good guy. This post was submitted by his crazy ex gf and she’s even crazier than he is. One time she called me at 3 in the morning threatening to kill me. She also modfied this original picture of him by adding makeup and lipstick to it.

  4. AlishaJune 17, 2018 at 4:11 PM

    Wow he is the biggest a55 he also got thag chick pregnant and didn’t give a crap. He also dumped my friend because she refused to send him a video of her feet. He acts like a man baby. His whole family is fake and pretends to be the best but they are all stuck up bums driving Toyota’s lol

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