Breanna Fowler & Sherry Hellams — Floozys In The Workplace

Breanna Fowler & Sherry Hellams — Floozys In The Workplace

THE DIRTY ARMY: Breanna Fowler and Sherry Hellams are prostituting themselves for favors and advancements. They are sleeping with multiple men for exchange for privileged, favors, trips, and etc. The are criminals use fraud and bribes to obtain whatever they want. Coworkers are saying they are having sex with the same men including Fredrick Sloan, Michael Jackson, and Darrell Wells and many more. They participate in orgies and other disguisting things. If you see these women run.

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  1. Sherry R. HellamsOctober 18, 2018 at 10:45 PM

    Yes, you think you can talk about me when you sleeping with the whole town. Most of the guys you sleep with got wives and are criminals. You just want some to take care of you stinking ass. The guys you sleeping with are crackheads and child molesters.

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