Dylan Flanders — Chesnee Cougar Chasing two timer

Dylan Flanders — Chesnee Cougar Chasing two timer

THE DIRTY ARMY:Fair warning ladies; This is Dylan Flanders, he’s been in a relationship with a 40+ yro from Canada who also has a daughter half his age. She looks like she has been hit with a shovel and has moles all over her chest, she’s the classic white trash cougar. She sells younique (shocker) and some other bs… funny thing you could do better but your mommy issue stop you. So while this woman hangs off your every word you say, and blocking all the bitches that say anything to her about your stupid two timing a55… you sit on your a55 talking to other women asking for nudes, or trying to get them to come over to suck his pickle d1ck or in my case move across the country to live with you. As If that isn’t enough you openly admitted to not using protection with his various encounters with what I would think to be questionable women, probably should get that checked son. So Dylan… . No offence every person feels that you lost your mother at a young age but quit trying to replace her with that trashy outdated hag…why not find yourself a woman your age, maybe max 3 years older, if that’s how your boat floats and settle down have a solid family? Naw that can’t be logical.


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  1. Wtf?November 19, 2018 at 1:09 PM

    Oh damn, thanks for the heads up. He was trying to get nudes off of me as well. Good thing he’s a terrible liar. Gross Hell NO.

  2. SomeoneNovember 19, 2018 at 9:52 AM

    5 seconds on his profile and I found out who the spoof account in his rs was. Yo that bitch f*ckin ugly! Give your head a shake, you ain’t an ugly & hopeless dude. I for one agree with mommy issues.

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