Asko Akopyan is a Hollywood Jackass

Asko Akopyan is a Hollywood Jackass

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, You know how people in Hollywood say that they take a stand against bullying and other crap? Well, Asko Akopyan BANNED me from the premiere of his crappy film that I had invested my own money into all because I became victimized by bullying! Not having the back bone to tell me himself, he got one of the other executive producers to tell me that he didn’t want me there. I became a victim of a psychotic stalker online and this person harassed the cast and crew of the film that Asko Akopyan was the EP for.

Not only did I get banned from the premiere, but Asko Akopyan and the other executive producers decided that they wanted to talk trash about me to the cast and crew! This caused them not to want to associate with me and some even told me to never contact them nor come near them ever again. I wasted $2500 on this pricks sh*tty film that was a flop from the very beginning. $2500 down the drain and this prick doesn’t want to apologize nor give me back my money!

He got me blacklisted with the cast and crew of that film when I didn’t even do anything but waste my hard earned money on his film! Not only that, but I WAS THE ONE who hooked them up with an awesome music composer who helped them with original music! Yet, this prick and the rest of his low IQ hypocrite executive producers banned from the premiere of a film that I helped make and he got me blacklisted!

I DEMAND AN APOLOGY AND A FULL REFUND OF MY MONEY!!! I hope that he does file a lawsuit against me for posting this about him, because I’ll countersue his punk ass and I’ll even go after all the other executive producers! Nik, this is how people in Hollywood really treat people who are victims of bullying!

Why don’t you just sue him first? Play offense instead of defense.- nik

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  1. GoodFebruary 8, 2018 at 11:33 AM

    $2,500 lmao that’s all. What the F*k was that 2500 investment gonna make u $5? Lmfaooo