August Ames got bullied by the gay mob

August Ames got bullied by the gay mob

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, first off, August Ames did girl on girl porn also, there’s no proof that she hated gay people! August Ames recently tweeted that she REFUSED to do sex scenes with gay men because she didn’t trust them with what they do in their personal lives. It’s a well-known fact that HIV and other STDS spread throughout gay men is a huge thing. Don’t forget, Charlie Sheen is a bi-sexual (rumored to be a child rapist) who is HIV positive, loves pornstars, and admitted to of had sex with people and not tell them that he was infected.

Gay porn does a crappy job in testing their talent and the reason is because gay men run the porn industry, like Mark Spiegler who is a big time porn agent. Nik, sick minded people run the porn biz. August Ames just wanted to protect herself. Also, don’t liberals support the idealogoy that a woman has the right to do what she wants with her body? WOW! Liberals continue to prove their hypocrisy and it’s as clear as the sky is blue. Nik, I have associated with people in the porn industry and I have gotten to know these people on personal levels. This industry HATES women! This is why women are getting paid to do degrading things like gang bangs, licking dirty toilet bowls, and have sex with gay men and transgenders! This industry DOES NOT care about the welfare of their female performers.

Do you know that a huge problem exist in which female perfomers get abused by their boyfriends/husbands and everyone remains silent about it. Nik, the porn biz is a very satanic industry, GOOD PEOPLE DO NOT GO INTO IT! Women in porn are losing job opportunities because they don’t want to have sex with men who do crossovers (gay porn) and they get bullied like August did. Some idiot even posted on your website stating that she hated gay people!

So you’re saying the Gays killed her?- nik

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