Beware of Serina The Thirsty Sex Worker

Beware of Serina The Thirsty Sex Worker

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I met this girl Serina at a Korean establishment in K-town Los angeles. She works as a hostess at the underground karaoke bars. Everyone knows it’s a front for other shady business like handjobs and sex if you tip them an extra 100 bucks. My friends and I asked her to come back to our house for an after party. She said it would cost 200 to come and then another 400 to have intercourse. When she took off her clothes, her body was not like her Instagram pictures. This girl and her friends photoshop their pictures to god! This is complete false advertisement!!! I felt so ripped off! I felt insulted not getting what I paid for.

Though I am not surprised because looks like she hangs out with Angel and by the looks of the posts on here, she has terrible sex worker ethics as well. I am writing this to let all the potential clients know to please ask for unedited photos before proceeding. I tried to look pass her ten pounds of bad makeup and bad lip injection but she had no ass and also looked pregnant. Stop photoshopping your pictures and taking pictures on instagram while on vacation with your sugar daddies, we want to see who is taking the pictures.

Why do they apply their makeup like men trying to be women.- nik

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