Branden M Ray — narcissistic compulsive liar

Branden M Ray — narcissistic compulsive liar

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This person is the narcissist at its best. His main objective is to go from woman to woman and try to create as much damage as possible. Branden is a male bodybuilder who is involve with himself. He show that nature by frequently sending the pictures of himself to women in return for compliments and praise, dating Branden can be truly damaging. he looks for women mostly in fitness industry that are muscular but good natured. He values ambition and drive, but when woman with high education comes along he often times tries to crush her person by devaluing her achievements and putting his own ahead. If a woman gets awarded he will ignore that and send the picture of himself, or if the girl wants to share her fitness progress he will say nothing but will send her the picture of another woman saying how great she looks. most of the woman that dated him quit the sport and never returned even though they had great bright career in bodybuilding. He like to send the pics and videos to his girlfriend (s) . from transgender female to male porn, to lesbian videos mostly involving female bodybuilders. He also likes to get really personal with his female clients and often shares their progress pics with others. He lures girls by telling them how great he is, but the truth is different. he doesn’t works where he says he does, his financial sources come from a former bodybuilder/ sugar mommy. He has numerous eviction records and other questionalble work history. He tries to get his girl interested in his deviant sexual fantasies. He dated every woman in bodybuilding world and maintains close relationship with web cam girls. He is a compulsive liar. he will lay about simple things like being at work but instead of being at home, or training but instead of he is on the date. overtime he comes on the date his phone stays in the car, and mostly the message inbox has 50- 60 texts at the time. His lying is so severe that he often times forgets what he said to whom. he is hate of gay people but has gay tendencies. I ran the background check and what i found was truly disturbing. he has no integrity, gossips about everyone in the bodybuilding industry. He is unreliable . Don’t ever expect anything from him. He will take a lot but will not give. in the beginning if he wants to lure you in he might try hard, but soon enough you will be the source for his narcissistic ego and nothing more. He likes to talk about the family and nice life but he is so selfish that seems almost impossible. He has bad temper, often times violent if someone crosses him. he always has a girlfriend but he secures the new one before he leaves the current one. he has done that with me and few previous girls. this guy will damage you. so stay away if your sanity is dear to you.

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  1. someoneFebruary 3, 2019 at 6:15 PM

    Please contact privately

  2. gdpiOctober 6, 2018 at 9:04 AM

    If what the OP is saying is true, the Dirty Army should contact the many bodybuilding websites, including magazines promoting the sport, and demand that Branden Ray be banned from every gym in the country. In my opinion, the OP makes very credible claims that this man has hurt a lot of people over the years.