Caroline Lopez

Caroline Lopez

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Carol Lopez Aka Carolina / Caroline / Mable Gold Digger / compulsive Cheater / Compulsive Liar / HoodRat / Snake. Suffering from a major personality disorder. Narcissism is what she suffers from. She must use men to feed her with drugs, gifts, gas, cash, cigarettes. Calls Pomona, CA home. Works in Claremont. Avoid her at all costs!

This girl is a self absorbed, manipulative player that is all about the hustle & playing as many men as she can. She wants you to take her away for exotic weekends and spend a lot of $$$ on her, as she is in a competition with her friends/co-workers and sisters as to who can find the guys to spend the most $$$ on them. She trades sex with many many men for gifts, gas, drugs, and beer.

She is a strawberry as they say in the hood. Also, she is a pantydropper and let’s the homies play. As long as they have cash/drugs, she is down. Her years of living on the streets of the 909 have forged her into a great actress who knows how to seduce men into giving her what she wants! She will also buy you gifts, but it’s done to fool you into believing that she cares. DO NOT BELIEVE IT. It’s all part of the trap & the scam.

She is currently sleeping with her landlord, and 3 drug dealers so she does not have to pay for her meth addiction, as well as any other men she finds. Her and her sister even brag on social media about being groupies to MMA guys and Mexican Singing groups to RAP/HIP-HOP. Any man or men she feels can give her something she will drop her panties for.

She will call you her “Soulmate,” “The Love of her Life ,”  “the man she wants to marry,” “the man she wants to have children with.” But look at her life- it’s all about short term. No long term plans other then a trip to Barbados/Vegas. Her idea of long term plans is getting her nails done on Thursday. And of course finding a rich guy to buy her gifts and even marry if she can talk you into not having a premarital agreement. DO NOT TRUST HER!

She will be in your bed on Monday night and Tuesday night in another man’s bed & Wednesday night another man’s bed! She was followed and this is how she works! Sad but true fact of who she is!! If you do not do EVERYTHING SHE ASKS, watch out!! She has an extremely violent temper and when upset will break things in your home or car. She even opened the car door on the freeway at 70 MPH and said she would jump! She is a total 5150! Then, when I pull over to let her out, she started crying and asked me not to leave her! Her schizophrenic behavior is indicative of a serious personality disorder. Histrionic personality disorder along with narcissism as a major trait. She must be the center of attention. All men must acknowledge her or she feels upset.

Her first stage is to yell very loud & make a scene in public or at home. She cannot control her outbursts. Second, she will start breaking things (This temper runs in the family and her sister was arrested for beating the father of her daughter). Third, she will violently start hitting you. This girl is batsh*t crazy!! She is a master at playing the victim when you are the true victim. She hides this for the first few months till she can no longer control her true feelings and then the real Carol comes out! And as my friends said, best if you date her, you better be ready to share her with other men, as she cannot be faithful to any man & never has!

Sadly, her sisters know about this and cover for her. She will LIE and say she has NEVER CHEATED, but it is ALL A LIE!! Do not believe her when she speaks she lies and cannot help it. She has been telling lies for so long it’s all she knows & it’s actually easier for her to lie then tell the truth! This girl is so Morally mixed up she even slept with her sister’s boyfriend & tried to justify it by saying it was okay because they were not in a good place and “I always found him to be a hunk.” Well, I guess that makes it OK according to her.

This girl has been trading her body for drugs/cash/gifts/food/gas/alcohol since she was 12 years old! This year in Dec will make 18 years she has been playing men into giving her gifts and in exchange, she gives them sex. So she has had 18 years to play men and she is not a novice She loves to brag about how “all the other girls were always jealous of me because I never had to pay for my drugs ” & they did. Her family and friends call her (Cracker) because before moving into meth she smoked crack. Another major clue- run!

She bragged about this fact on our second date she claimed that was her past. Sadly I believed the lies till I found out the truth! She says she was not cheating by sleeping with other men because we had a fight or because “I did not feel like we were together” or because I thought you were cheating on me or because I thought you called me another girl’s name or because he has money!

She will also lie and say her last boyfriend was a year ago, when in fact she jumps from guy to guy with never a period where she is alone. Keeping multiple men to pay for her dinners/gifts/weekend trips to Vegas, Mexico, etc. She does not even know this is not something to brag about, especially on a date, about drug use and all the men she has slept with & how she has cheated on her boyfriends. I then asked if she was still using. She lied and said she was clean. Your first clue is she does not always answer her phone and will ghost for hours at a time. Sometimes days.

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  1. Mr 909April 23, 2018 at 6:56 AM

    number please

  2. Golf ProJanuary 7, 2018 at 2:55 AM

    I have a friend who dated her
    She gave him 3 STD s
    Sadly they have no cure !
    Use protection if you are with her !!
    He is so screwed

  3. uknoNovember 12, 2017 at 12:14 AM

    clearly your the one whos a stalker

  4. Poker starNovember 5, 2017 at 3:17 AM

    I have seen her in Vegas at the wet republic pool parties topless giving blow jobs to random men in the cabanas , she must do porn as a side line Job

  5. jack.hahnNovember 2, 2017 at 9:00 AM

    OP: “…She trades sex with many many men for gifts, gas, drugs, and beer…” This reminds me of that 70’s hitchhiking slogan: “Ass gas or grass, nobody rides for free”.

  6. TfOctober 31, 2017 at 3:17 PM

    Longest post ever?