Comment From Bailey Mattingly

Comment From Bailey Mattingly

SUBMITTED COMMENT: How is this asking for people to look at my social media this letter was never supposed to be posted this was me reaching out to Nik begging him to stop. And referring to your comment Yes PLEASE make me a nobody. I would love that more than anything in the world right now.

I regret modeling I regret even making any social media profiles I regret even moving to California. I had nothing to do with Kim’s death I wasn’t with Sam that night and I have proof of that. The people who know this group personally know what actually happened and soon you all will too once the investigation finishes. But me and Sam don’t hook up. Tawnie me and Amanda have nothing to do with her death none of us were even there with her that night so much information is being skewed in the media.

I tried taking down my social media I quit modeling and even then I can’t escape the hate. I genuinely hope you feel good about yourself all of you who have harassed me during a hard time in my life. Especially you Nik. I hope that driving people over the edge is what makes you happy because I could never do this to someone.

Why don’t you tell us what happened then? If Kim’s death has nothing to do with you… why are you hiding the truth? Why are you protecting other people in your crew? Sounds like you are willing to die for them. Bottle Rat Honor.- nik

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